Strategic Safety - Saving You Money

The truth is, an efficient business model relies on several different aspects all running in unison with one another. One of these necessary aspects is definitely health and safety. There are multiple business benefits provided from an effective health and safety management system in your workplace.

The first and most obvious advantage of health and safety compliance is that it can reduce your insurance premiums by a wide margin. Not only this, but health and safety can also help to reduce the costs of accidents that aren’t covered by your insurance policy. These incidents include repairs, production delays and sick pay. Health and safety precautions can soften the blow of these unfortunate occasions, allowing the business to take less impact from reparation payments.

Another great benefit of implementing an effective health and safety policy into your business is that it reduces the chances of your staff being absent from work due to ailments and any other infirmity. This, in turn, helps to prevent situations in which recruiting new staff is required in order to fill in the gaps. Not only does this decrease the chances of needing to hire extra workers, but it also instils your pre-existing workforce with an added competence as they now have the guidelines to an efficient and safe working environment.

Also, an added, long-lasting effect of efficiently implemented health and safety regulations is the reflection it has upon your business itself. A company with strong health and safety precautions builds an image of positivity around your business as a trustworthy company who maintains the wellbeing of their staff. This impressive trait leaves you in good standing with not only your staff, but with existing and potential customers. A boost in productivity, leads and sales can be expected.

In summary, it’s essential for a business to maintain good health and safety practices embedded into their business plan, no matter how small or large their business is. It’s important to remember that not only are you legally responsible for the safety of those you employ but keeping everybody under your employment safe and healthy will garner an increase in the efficiency and productivity of the entire business.

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