Bespoke Training

  • Have you ever been bored to tears in health and safety training?

  • Have you ever experienced death by PowerPoint during health and safety training?

  • Have you ever had legislation quoted at you throughout your health and safety training?

“I was expecting just another boring health and safety training course. I was not prepared for the interaction, team building and fun I had” - HRB Client

We are able to provide a range of bespoke H&S training packages for senior leaders to better understand their roles and responsibilities in relation to health and safety, from workplace stress and office safety to principles of design and managing health and safety in construction.  This includes:

  • Construction:  CDM Duties of the Client | Duties of the Principal Designer | Duties of the Principal Contractor

  • CITB: Site Safety Plus | SMSTS | SSSTS

  • Safety Leadership: Safety for Directors | Safety for Senior Managers | Safety for Managers

  • Behavioural Safety: Implementing BBS | Learning from BBS | Next steps from BBS

  • Safety Management Systems: Design | Deliver | Audit | Improve

We have delivered bespoke training to C-Managers, senior managers and first line managers all around the world.  Additionally, we provide a range of staff training options too. We do not believe in sheep-dip 'one size fits all' training programmes when you want to truly deliver a safety message to your workforce.  Sure, they are useful and can tick a box to say they have been completed.

Once the dust settles after 3 - 4 weeks, the same habits you were trying to eradicate return to the business.  We can help your business to develop a stronger safety culture as well as a more robust defence in the event of an accident or incident occurring. We ensure that our training has been effectively implemented into your business through a full health and safety audit.

Our Experience

Our health and safety training is delivered by the director of Better Safety exclusively. Carl has been a professional adult educator for almost two decades and has worked to design and deliver formal qualifications that meet regulatory approval.

Carl is an external quality auditor for the Chartered Institute of Builders and is a highly experienced trainer, training developer and auditor of training.

Carl holds formal teaching, assessing, verifying and guidance qualifications and has worked with businesses, front line staff and unemployed people throughout his career. It is his first passion and if you have been on one of his training courses, you can tell!

Contact us for a confidential discussion today and let us help your business focus on doing what it does best.