7 Myths About The Construction Phase Plan

Myth 1: Construction Phase Plans are huge documents.

Fact: Construction Phase Plans do not have to be large documents at all.  It all depends on the level of complexity and risks on site.

Myth 2: The Construction Phase Plan is the sole responsibility of the Principal Contractor.

Fact: While the preparation of the plan is the responsibility of the Principal Contractor, it is the duty of the client to assess it and ensure it has been prepared effectively and correctly.

Myth 3: I can download a Construction Phase Plan template online and it will do most of the work for me.

Fact: While using a template is an effective way to maintain the correct structure of your plan, the information that goes into it requires project-specific detail.

Myth 4: The Construction Phase Plan is a one-time document that is finished before construction work begins.

Fact: The Construction Phase Plan is a live document and should continue to be developed throughout the construction phase as work progresses and develops, making note of any changes in plans or arrangements.

Myth 5: The Construction Phase Plan is just a catalogue of risk assessments and method statements for individual tasks and activities on the project.

Fact: These are separate documents that will be required under the management of health and safety by all contractors involved in the project.

Myth 6: A Construction Phase Plan is only required on notifiable projects.

Fact: This used to be the case under CDM Regulations 2007, however the updated regulations from 2015 require a Construction Phase Plan on ALL projects.

Myth 7: It’s only a few hundred pounds fine if I am caught.

Fact: How health and safety offence fines are calculated changed a couple of years ago.  A business with a £1M turnover could face over £100k fines and director disqualification.

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