Hospitality Services

  • Trying to increase your hygiene rating?

  • Do you have doubts about the safety systems in your venue?

  • Is your employee absence increasing due to poor health?

Health and safety in hospitality is a crucial element to your business maintaining a good reputation and avoiding fines and legal repercussions.

As an employer, it’s your duty to give your employees the necessary training, information or supervision to enable them to do their work in a way that is safe and without risks to health. This is where we can help.

We offer specialised H&S training for both managers and employees in key areas of your business as well as the creation of health and safety management systems tailored to individual hospitality management settings. We have worked alongside a number of businesses in the hospitality industry, ranging from hotels and restaurants to nightclubs and bars.

Our food hygiene and safety services include hygiene and safety audit, advocacy, policies, paperwork and both manager and staff training.

Alongside these services, we support business owners with health and safety in construction, from building extensions to entire refurbishments.

Contact us for a confidential discussion today and let us help your business focus on doing what it does best.